Helping Prevent Homelessness



If you are being evicted, we want to help you, even if we don’t get paid.  If you are in Bakersfield and are low-income, you should consider calling Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance at (661) 325-5943 or contacting them through their web page at  For those who qualify, GBLA may provide free services, including the services of an attorney.

If you are the victim of a slumlord, call us.  We might be able to introduce you to an attorney who will sue your landlord for failing to provide habitable property.

If GBLA can’t help you and you don’t qualify for a habitability case, call us for help preparing paperwork to get your matter in court in front of a judge.  The paperwork we prepare can often be used to defeat an unlawful detainer or slow the proceedings down long enough for you to find a new place to live.